Most of the applications are being built where multiple databases make up the application, so if only one of the databases fails over in mirroring the other database will still be functional on the principal server, but the application won’t work.  How can I be notified when this happens and make all of the databases fail-over?

Note: In such situation,for all the application dependent databases, we used to configure                 database mirroring separately for each database.

But again if there is an database specific issue (ex: DB corrupt), fail-over happens                  to that database only but not for all databases, ultimately application wont work.

One of the big issues with Database Mirroring is that the fail-over is tied to one database”to over come this we can use Always ON Availability Groups (AG) where we can group multiple databases into one unit and can perform fail-over.



Database Mirroring Automating Failover for Multiple SQL Server Databases