Cognizant F2F Interview Questions: (14th May’2016)
1.Can you brief any scenarios which you are facing in current environment?

2.What is backup scenario in you are current environment?

3.What is fragmentation? How do you find the fragmentation?

4.Can you tell me any five DMV commands and explain the purpose each of one?

5. What is AWE, what is the purpose of the AWE?

6.What is transactional Replication and How the data is flowing in transactional replication?

7.What is point in time restoring and point in time recovery?
a)In my current environment, I have taken the full back up at 8 PM and taking the log              backups every 2 hours, my database has been corrupted at 2.15. So as a DBA how do you        recover the database?

8.If the database is gone to suspect mode, what will you do and explain the step how you Recovering the database into online status?

9.What is online rebuild index in SQL server?

10.My distribution agent is corrupted in the replication, what will happen and how you find and fix the issue?