1. Difference between various versions of SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2008 R2 /2012/2014 and 2016 ?

2.Difference between various editions of SQL Server Express/Evolution edition, Developer/work group/Mobile edition and Standard/Enterprise/Data center edition ?

3. What is Hot fix,Cumulative update and Service Pack ? what are latest service packs for each version of SQL Server ?


Hot fix –

Cumulative updates –

Service Pack  –

4. What are Software and Hardware prerequisites to install SQL Server ?

5.what are the SQL Server Services  and their purpose ?

6.what are the SQL Server protocols ?

7. what is the default port number for SQL Server?

8.What is Collation ? what is Default collation of SQL Server ?

Can Instance Level Collation be different from Database Collation ?

How to change collation settings of Database and Instance ?

9. What is difference between Server and Instance ?

10.How many SQL Server Instances can be installed on one Server?

11.How many databases can we create on one Instance ?

12. How many database files(mdf/ldf/ndf) can we create for one database ?

11.What is Service Account in SQL Server?

12.How would you determine the version and Edition of SQL Server Instance you are working on?

SQL Server Architecture:



What are the best practices to place data files, log files and tempdb on Storage?